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The book Flexible Regression and Smoothing: Using GAMLSS in R is just published by CRC Press. The R code of the examples in the book is given here.

A very  old draft version of the book is given here.

Two other  books on GAMLSS are in preparation

  1. Distributions for Location Scale and Shape,: Using  GAMLSS in R  (Here it is  old draft version under an different title)
  2.  Generalized Additive Models for Location Scale and Shape: A Distributional Regression Approach.
The GAMLSS R reference card

The gamlss packages reference card is available here

GAMLSS vignette

i) Inflated distributions on the interval [0, 1]
ii) Zero adjusted distributions on the positive real line
iii) The GMRF implementation in GAMLSS.

Manuals and Booklets from past short courses
  • The second edition of the manual of the gamlss package in pdf form. This is a good starting point covering most of the topics of the original gamlss package but it is now dated since was created in 2008.
  • The Journal of Statistical Software which has a brief introduction to GAMLSS and shows how the models can be used in practice.
  • Course notes from the Utrecht 2008 short course on GAMLSS. Course notes from the Lancaster 2009 short course. The notes for the Athens 2010 short course can be downloaded here (12 MB) .


GAMLSS articles

Below is a  list of papers  related to GAMLSS.  We have included papers in which at least one of the authors is a member of the GAMLSS team or papers which have a considerable GAMLSS related content. If any of your articles falls in any of those categories please let us know.

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