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A new package gamlss.inf is introduced recently to help with the fitting of inflated distributions on the interval [0,1] and zero adjusted distributions on the interval (o, infinity) for a response variable.
The inflated and zero adjusted distributions are mixed  (i.e  continuous and discrete) distributions with a continuous part on a real line interval and an additional part with point probabilities at either 0 or 1 or both 0 and 1.

The gamlss package   gamlss.dist already provides the inflated beta distributions, BEINF, BEINF0, BEINF1 BEZI and BEOI  which allow the user to fit a beta distribution on (0,1), with extra point probabilities at 0 or 1 or both 0 and 1. The probabilities at the points  0 and 1 may depend on explanatory variables. Since the beta distribution has 2 parameters, the inflated beta, BEINF,  (with the addition of the two probabilities at 0 and 1) has a total of 4 parameters.  In practice, and for complicated data sets, the part  of  the response which lies on (0,1) may need more than 2 distribution parameters to be captured correctly.  The vignette Inflated distributions on the interval [0, 1] provides information how this can be done.

The gamlss package   gamlss.dist also has two zero adjusted distributions ZAGA and ZAIG (gamma and inverse Gaussian; respectively). The package gamlss.inf allows all possible distributions defined on (o, infinity) to be zero adjusted. For more information see the  vignette Zero adjusted distributions on the positive real line.

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  1. Hi Gamlss team,
    I have a problem using random effect in function gamlssZadj(). Could you please help me about the error message? Thank you!

    #gamlss() works
    > test test test


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